Ouroboros sterling silver pendant

Ouroboros sterling silver pendant

Amoremjewelry.com Amorem sterling silver pendant - Ouroboros dragon
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 Amorem sterling silver pendant - Ouroboros dragon

The ouroboros (or uroboros) is an ancient symbol of a dragon (or a serpent) eating it's own tail, ancient sacred symbol.

One meaning of Ouroboros is based on the symbol of a snake biting its own tail - is the personification of eternal return in cyclic form, symbol of the infinite rebirth, transient nature of things, one of the first symbols of infinity in the history of mankind.

The other one is symbol of self-reference, as well as the idea of ​​primordial unity. 

Ouroboros is a symbol of the cyclic nature of the Universe: the creation out of destruction, life out of death.

Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade.


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Details & Care

Our products are made of sterling silver. We do not cover our products with rhodium. So with a time if unworn silver could get mat because of an oxide film. It's normal reaction. To return it's glossy look and remove the plaque it is sufficient to use a felt cloth or a special wipes for silver cleaning. 

The threads in our cord bracelets are caproic and suitable for regular use. They show an excellent color retention rate in corrosive environments such as sea water and cleaning products. The threads do not cause alergy and comfortable to the body. With the active use can retain for 1 year in excellent condition (depends also on the colour).

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